Michael Strasser – Exotic Strings a Compilation

Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, 2010

In 2008, Michael Strasser (born 1977) went on a trip to the Usa, Japan and India. This book is based on the photos he took while travelling and the documentation material he gathered. What came about is not a monograph about the artist, but rather a kind of theme book and reader, and at the same time a component of the multilayered artistic confrontation of Strasser, which manifests itself in very different media and forms. Central to all this is the concept of »exoticism«, which functions as an interface to give a common focus to various different positions from fine art and art theory, as well as completely different disciplines. Thus a scientific contribution from gynaecologist Dr. Mick van Trotsenburg on the subject of »trans identity« breaks through the until now hermetically closed off circle of art dealing. Other contributions chart and visualise the phenomenon of the alien, describe experiences in a sumo wrestling school and report on nights in various hotel rooms in very remote places, somewhere in this world.

Editors: Gabrielle Cram, Michael Strasser
Concept: Michael Strasser
Publisher: Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg
ISBN 978-3-86984-116-8
Graphics: SCHIENERL/ ppfmd
Format: Hardcover 25 x 20 cm, 156 pages, 60 illustrations

Contributing Artists: Cie. Agar Agar, Davide Balula, Dalma Gwendolin Ionie Ichigo Baranyai, Gregor Guth, Marcus Karkhof, Maria Petschnig, Lisl Ponger, Michael Strasser, Sunny Café, Magda Tóthová

Authors: Gabrielle Cram, Anshuman Dasgupta, Lorenzo Fusi, Naoko Kaltschmidt, Christian Reder, Mick van Trotsenburg

With kind support from: bm:ukk, City of Vienna, City of Innsbruck, Province of Tyrol, University of Applied Arts Vienna

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