One Step Back, Two Steps Ahead, 2014

Mixed Media Installation

After 12 years being shut down, two floors of Gradec building will be accessible and open to the public again.
Gradec Gallery is going to host the project “One Step Back, Two Steps Ahead”, within the frame of the group show “Archives, Re-Assemblances and Surveys”.


Galerija Klovićevi dvori | Jesuit Square 4, Zagreb | Opening: 9.9.2014, 8 pm | Duration: 10.9.–2.11.2014
Museum of Fine Arts | European Avenue 9, Osijek, Croatia | Opening: 6.11.2014, 8 pm | Duration: 7.11–16.11.2014

Artists: Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber, Heidrun Holzfeind, Michael Höpfner, Krüger & Pardeller, Tatiana Lecomte, Christian Mayer, Karina Nimmerfall, Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch, Michael Strasser, Anita Witek

Curators: Reinhard Braun & Sandra Križić Roban
Exhibition design: Ana Dana Beroš

The project is a cooperation between: Camera Austria with Croatian Photographic Union, Galerija Klovićevi dvori, and Austrian Cultural Forum, Zagreb, Croatia

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